My partner, Alex, and I were inspired to make a fan-made Nook Phone App for Android based on the in-game phone in Animal Crossing:New Horizons. Alex  developed the app, and I created the icons for the app. I re-created the in-game phone icons, and made my own based on phone apps that already exist. 

Custom app icons for the NookPhone, and moving cursor.

This game inspired us to make a phone app to simulate the in-game phone, and we wanted other fans of New Horizons to experience the in-game phone in real life. We published the app on the Google Play Store.
I was in charge of making the app icons, the promo picture and video to showcase on the Google Play Store. We wanted to maintain the look and feel of the in-game phone, so I recreated some of the pre-existing icons and then made my own icons based on apps that already exist on most peoples’ smartphones.
We're still improving and updating the app.  
You can download it on the Google Play Store
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